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Before deciding to buy mountaineering shoes, you need to know what shoes you want for what purpose. Is the purpose of shopping low-altitude mountaineering, hiking and simple trails, or do you need shoes for professional hiking? Do you want to use it for summer or winter?
At Qartal Production Group, we seek answers to customer needs based on these fundamental questions. While we have prioritized the price of the final product.
For example, Sahand and Kamchi models for 3 spring seasons; Summer, autumn and mountaineering are designed and produced in simple routes. While the Savalan model has been produced for mountaineering on sloping routes and in winter.

Quality commitment

The quality of Qartal mountaineering shoes production group is in all stages of production from: preparation of raw materials, design to manufacture of the final product.

Commitment to fast and cheap shipping

Qartal mountaineering shoes production group sends all orders to all parts of the country for free.

Qartal shoes warranty

All products of Qartal Mountaineering Group have a 6 month warranty and after-sales service.

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Shoes are one of the most important tools for any climber. Ensure your health by choosing the right shoes.

Qartal mountaineering shoes

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Qartal Production Group Products at a Glance

698,000 تومان
Order: 4

Sahand model, red color

698,000 تومان
Order: 17

Sahand model, blue color

578,000 تومان
Order: 4

Yellow little model

958,000 تومان
Order: 2

Blue Savalan model

958,000 تومان
Order: 4

Savalan Cactus Model

How to choose mountaineering shoes?

Mountaineering shoes suitable for different situations

Kamchi mountaineering shoes (new)

The latest product of Qartal Group is Kamchi model. This model has been produced in response to the market demand for comfortable mountaineering shoes, especially for the warm seasons and long-term mountaineering. Optimal flexibility and breathability along with low weight gives a special comfort to the climber.

Why is Kamchi mountaineering shoes an ideal choice?
Kamchi model hiking shoes are designed for the warm seasons of the year. So if you are looking for suitable hiking shoes for spring and summer, Kamchi model is a unique choice.
The cowhide’s leather upholstery material, along with its very low weight and acceptable breathability, makes the Komchi model a comfortable shoe for hiking, hiking and climbing.
Kamchi model is flexible and has the ability to absorb shock and impact, and also the protective rubber of the toe and heel is used in its structure and also has a protective finger guard.
The approximate weight of the Kumchi model was 500 grams and it is provided with a 6-month warranty. The reason for producing the Kumchi model
Due to the demand in the market for comfortable shoes for long-term mountaineering and the lack of suitable low-heeled shoes with low weight, the design of Kamchi model was done.
You can buy with a variety of colors
Lemon coloring
Elephant coloring

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