Sahand model, blue color

Model Sahand
Size 39 to 45
Designed for Spring, summer and autumn
Procedure material Cow Ashbalt Leather
Lining material Has a structure resistant to water penetration
Cumin Rubber-Pew outsole with extremely high traction capability and shock and impact absorption capability
Breathability has


About Sahand model

Sahand shoes are designed with the aim of producing suitable shoes for other seasons of the year except winter, and this product can be used for mountaineering in spring, summer and autumn. Used.

The upper material of Sahand model is cow ashbalt leather and due to its waterproof structure and full ankle support and acceptable breathability, it can be easily used in long mountaineering. کرد. </ P>

Sahand model has a toe lodge to protect the fingers and possible abrasion.

The sole of this shoe is durable and has long dentures and high durability, and the presence of PU in the structure of the sole gives it the ability to absorb shock and impact. p>

This product weighs approximately 750 grams and has a 6-month warranty.

Finally, if you are looking for hiking shoes for hiking, mountaineering and mountaineering in spring, summer and autumn, Sahand model is a smart choice.

The reason for producing Sahand model

Sahand model is the first mountaineering shoe produced by Qartal, which has been produced with the aim of producing high quality mountaineering shoes and considering the appropriate price.


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